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Finding Tiegan

A holiday in the Algarve of Portugal…sunshine…fun-shine. It’s what I need. It’s time to be me. Time to find the woman I was before the nightmares, outlandish dreams, and sleepwalking. But I wasn’t expecting to find Tomás Ferreira, a man made for pleasure. And now, my heart throbs with unfulfilled excitement, fire burns in my belly, and swirling flames lick my thighs. I’m a glorious mess.

Where did Tiegan Moss come from? And why is she suddenly here on the day of the dead, the day the door to the otherworld swings open, the day the veil is thin? I’d hidden in the shadows, content, a life barely lived. You’ve changed everything. You make me want. You make my blood sing. Lost in your kaleidoscope eyes, trapped in the pout of your lips, I can’t escape. And I don’t like it one bit.

Can our two haunted souls find a future together?

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Sorrento Seduction

At the stroke of midnight, Hattie Smith, that’s me, turns the big four-oh. To celebrate—a taste of Italy. An e-bike tour of Sorrento— a little pasta, a little wine, a little history. And a delicious surprise—Matteo DeLuca. The sexy man behind the counter cranked up the heat, stoking my appetite—for him. And the forehead kisses? Hot damn. Now, that’s what I'm talking about. 


It’s true what they say—this is the land of love.The gods play tricks with everyone, and today they set their sights on me, Matteo DeLuca. When Hattie Smith walked into my shop, my mind dove into an erotic haze. Cupid’s arrow struck deep, piercing my heart—an open wound that bleeds for this woman. La mia anima brucia per questa donna. Desire. Lust. Needs—dead until now. Losing her is not an option. Everything about her is, how you say? Deliziosa. What I need most? What I don’t have? Time.

UNwRapped IN RøROS


I survived the Big C. And now, every day is a candy cane kiss. I’m making up for lost time—living large and rocking around the Christmas tree at my best friend’s wedding. Destination—Røros, aka Christmas Town, sparkling lights, and real-life reindeer. And then, what to my wandering eyes should appear—Rurik Andersen, this giant from a mystical place, wraps me in his balsam scent, stuffing my stocking with naughty and nice.

The skies dance, ribbons of light touching the heavens—the ghosts of Christmas past hide within the twinkling stars. The centuries leave me. How many winters must I survive without her? So long I have awaited her return to the mortal realm. The Norns of Fate answer my wish, returning my heart, my soul. She doesn’t know who we are to each other—only our union will make it so. Cristabel Johnston makes my eternal life worth living.

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